HOA Repeat Violations vs Continuing Violations in South Jordan, Utah

HOA Repeat Violations vs Continuing Violations in South Jordan, Utah

As a homeowner in South Jordan, it's important to understand the difference between repeat violations and continuing violations when it comes to your homeowners association (HOA). While having a support animal can be important for your well-being, you still need to follow the rules set by your HOA.

In this article, we'll explore the differences between repeat and continuing violations, how they can impact support animals, and what you can do to avoid them.

What are Repeat Violations?

This occurs when you break the same rule multiple times. Even after the HOA has taken steps to address the issue. For example, if you repeatedly fail to maintain your lawn or keep your pet's barking under control, despite receiving warnings or fines. This would be committing repeat violations.

The consequences of repeat violations can be quite serious. Your HOA can choose to escalate the fines each time you violate the same rule. Making it increasingly costly for you. In some cases, the HOA can even take legal action against you if the repeat violations continue.

What are Continuing Violations?

Continuing violations are distinct from repeat violations in that they involve an ongoing failure to address a specific issue. For instance, if you have a maintenance problem with your home, such as a leaky roof or a crumbling fence, and you don't take steps to fix it.

This would be committing a continuing violation. Similarly, if you have a rule violation that persists, like leaving your trash cans out on the wrong day, you could be facing a continuing violation.

The consequences of continuing violations can be just as severe as those for repeat violations. Your HOA can take corrective action and bill you for the costs. Or they may impose escalating HOA fees until the issue is resolved. It's important to stay on top of any problems or rule violations to avoid these types of ongoing conflicts with your HOA.

Support Animals and HOA Rules

It's important to understand that even though support animals are protected by law, they are still subject to certain requirements set forth by your HOA.

For example, your HOA may have rules about:

  • Registering your support animal
  • Ensuring it behaves appropriately in the community
  • Cleaning up after it

Failure to comply with these rules could potentially lead to repeat or continuing violations. Even though your animal is considered a necessary accommodation.

To avoid any issues, communicate openly with your HOA board and management about your support animal. Work with them to ensure you're meeting all necessary requirements.

Be sure to address any concerns they may have in a timely and cooperative manner. By staying proactive and maintaining a good relationship with your HOA, you can help prevent support animal-related violations from becoming a problem.

Taking Proactive Steps to Avoid Violations

Make sure you stay informed about your community's covenants, bylaws, and any updates to the rules. Both types of violations can have serious consequences and even potential legal action. Even support animals must follow HOA rules and requirements.

If you're a homeowner in South Jordan and need assistance navigating your HOA's rules and regulations, PMI Salt Lake can help. Our experienced team of association management professionals can provide a free consultation to discuss strategies for staying in compliance with your HOA.